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Financial help wherever possible

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Hi Steve O, Please have a look in the link it the next section. It leads to an AidPage where information on all resources for minorities can be found. Maybe not all programs and grants there will be suitable for you or you might not be eligible for but I am sure that there will be some grants that are worth applying for.

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Minority Resources
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Hi Steve O, A more active search on AidPage will show you many more funding opportunities you can apply for in order to obtain the money you need for your education. There are really many federal grants about all kinds of education one can think of. And what is more, we are constantly adding information about other sources of aid, in addition to the government ones. You already know one important truth about goals in life - they do take efforts to be achieved. It is also good you know that it takes time to achieve them and are prepared to send as many applications as necessary in order to obtain your goal. Wish you luck in getting where you are heading to!

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